The Zaka Khan Foundation

"Someone asked me, how can you do this? I said, ┬┤I love it. I want to die in the classroom┬┤"
Zaka Khan.


  • Alaa Walid Massis Open or Close

    Dear Mr. Amed Khan...

    I was really thrilled when I first heard that I am one of the chosen students who had the chance to take your generous scholarship, I feel very grateful for this opportunity that has deeply encouraged me to move on with my educational career.

    I'm willing more than ever to continue until the end of the road motivated by your great support.

    I Finally, I appreciate your kindness to help me and other students in need, I feel very proud to know that there are still some good people working on to build a better world.

    Sincerely Yours
    Alaa Walid Massis

  • Duha Njoum Open or Close


    Dear Sir:
    I would like to thank you for the scholarship that you give it to me, I am so happy that I could follow my semester in al- Quds University.

    I am under graduating student entering my fourth year, so your support let me complete my study in al-Quds university in health professional (nursing department), it was my ambition to study nursing, and to be one of the best nurses that I could help my society and so many people who needs my help, I rely on financial aid, grants and student loans to help finance my education.

    I would like to thank you again for your help with the scholarship that you give it to me, it helps me so much, and I respect your efforts. May God Bless you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Duha Njoum

  • Fadi SabarnehOpen or Close

    August 27, 2011
    West Bank - Palestine.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity in awarding Zaka Khan scholarship to me. I don't believe that I will adequately be able to put into words how much receiving this scholarship means to me, I rely on financial aid, grants and student loans to help finance my education, Your support has kept me from worrying so much about the cost of tuition and will help me to achieve my educational and career goals.

    Growing up in a less privileged community has not only offered financial and academic challenges, but it has more importantly made me realize the value of a college education.

    I am an undergraduate student entering my Third year at Al Quds University, with a majoring in Dental Medicine. It has always been my dream to be a Dentist where I can perform an important public service to help people maintain their health and appearance, I have high aspirations to Complete the bachelor's degree in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and to specialize in the area of oral surgery.

    Once again, I want to thank you for making this scholarship possible, and for your generosity toward the students of Al Quds University in Jerusalem. Without donors like you, many students would be unable to pursue the career of their dreams.

    Fadi Sabarneh

  • Hanin Khalil Al-KhatibOpen or Close

    Dear Mr. Khan,

    It is of my pleasure to express my gratitude and thankfulness for the Zaka Khan Al-Jerrahi Foundation for sponsoring my education at Al-Quds University.

    I have been a regular student at the Information Technology department since 3 years, and I was very worried of how I was going to pay the tuition for my coming year, which will be my fourth academic year. I live in a big family consisting of eight sisters and one young brother, my father is a Taxi driver and my mom spends her time in taking care of us. It is very difficult in Palestine to find a regular job and my father with his current work can hardly manage to meets our family basic needs, however he always wanted to see me a successful woman in the field of Information Technology. This fact always motivated me to be an honor student and to work so hard to achieve my goals and make my family proud of me, I always hoped that financial obstacles wouldn't prevent me from pursuing my education, and here you are making my dreams coming true.

    The words cannot serve me to express my appreciation and thankfulness to you, without this scholarship I would not have been able to register for the upcoming semester and who knows when I would have been able to graduate. Once again thank you very much.
    May God bless you,

    Hanin Khalil Al-Khatib.

  • Itaf radidaOpen or Close

    Mr. Zaka Khan Foundation

    How are you I am a student in ALQUDS University and I like to thank you from my heart to help me and for your Financial aid.

    This help, helps me to get rid of worry and thinking about How I saved money to pay the premiums the University, this question that I ask myself at the

    Beginning of each semester, thank you for your Generosity.

    I promise to be a good Nurse and to walk on your steps in science.

    My family thank you especially my father.

    Finally, I ask God {Allah} to bless you in this blessed Mount {Ramadan}.

    Itaf radida

  • Mahinoud No'nian ZamaerehOpen or Close


    I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Zaka Khan AL- Jerrehi to his big work that he did, and support me and my friends to continue the education.

    This human work that you did I will remember it forever and I hope to continue your work to support us to finish the education.

    Thank you again Mr. Zaka Khan AL- Jerrehi

    Mahinoud No'nian Zamaereh

  • Mohammad AtawnehOpen or Close

    Dear Mr. Khan

    I offer my sincere thanks for your contribution you will walk in a dignified march of university education which has faced financial difficulties because of the difficult economic situation, Without your blessed I cannot imagine how that has continued to pursue my education, medicine has been my hobby since childhood, so that I can save people's lives and drawing a smile on the lips of patients. After a segregationist at the universities I hope now after graduating from the University of Jerusalem, to specialize in the some fields of medicine in the United States and this is very difficult because I do not have adequate financial support for this ambition.

    Finally, I express my thanks and gratitude to you and your organization that have contributed in helping me to overcome the financial difficulties that my family and I suffer of them, you remain an asset to the science of poor students. I hope to meet you in the near future to thank you personally. And oversees the Holy Land, Palestine.

    Mohammad Atawneh
    Faculty of medicine at al-Quds University

  • Mohannad shalaldehOpen or Close

    Mohannad shalaldeh Al-quds University Palestine

    Mr. Khan
    Zaka Khan Al-Jerrahi Foundation

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to express my gratitude to you and your foundation for the generous scholarship you offered me. Because of this scholarship, I am now a student of medicine at Al-quds University. I hope to complete my studies in this field with your help.

    Again thank you for your help.

    Sincerely yours. Mohannad shalaldeh

  • Muneera K.I.Al-AbedOpen or Close

    Zaka Khan Al-Jerahi Foundation

    Dear Mr. Khan

    I am writing you today to extend my gratitude and deep appreciation for your hard work to foster education and cultural understanding and integration through your esteemed foundation. I received the news of granting me your sponsorship for my education-the year 2011-2012 at Al-Quds University with great pleasure and appreciation. Your help and confidence in me will definitely give me the drive to work hard to achieve my goal.

    I am sure that your sponsorship will not only affect my life, but also the lives of many other Palestinians, whom I am willing to serve once I receive my bachelor.

    Once again thank you for your contribution and hared work. Sincerely yours.

    Muneera K.I.Al-Abed

  • Nibal Izzat ShreatehOpen or Close

    Al-Quds University
    Mr. Amed Khan
    The Zaka khan foundation

    Expressing Gratitude

    Dear Mr;

    What a pleasure I feel writing personally to thank you for your generous help to make my dream of becoming a dentist come true.

    Through the previous decade, I had planned my future carefully ignoring all obstacles that might face me, but now on reality it seems impossible sometimes to have that future as planned and face it all alone ... and here comes this scholarship that opened me the door to go on my studies this year after serious consideration of dropping out of college...

    Since I applied to the Zaka Khan scholarship I have read a lot about Zaka Khan, the amazing teacher, and knew that people walking his way will take my hand through my tough way. I don't know what life might sudden me after this funded year of study, but I'm thankful for being undisturbed about college fees this year...

    Praying for Mr. Zaka Khan to get eternal happiness in paradise and his followers to be rewarded with eternal welfare, cheering via your generosity and hoping to graduate as a dentist in spite of all constrains that I'll be facing after this year, I thank you from the bottom of the heart of an orphaned, ambitious and grateful student who is hoping to use her knowledge to be an inspiration in helping other people and in making Palestine a healthier and better educational place.

    Thank you so much
    Nibal Shreateh