The Zaka Khan Foundation

"To me teaching is an exceedingly personal art, and the classroom is a laboratory for self discovery."
Zaka Khan.

About Us

Zaka Khan spent much of his life teaching and inspiring disadvantaged youth at Lakeside-EGA, a residential school for troubled teenagers in New York. Zaka Khan was able to build trust and rapport with many kids that were thought to be beyond help. He also taught at a number of other schools and colleges in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.


For 47 years, Zaka Khan used a variety of creative and innovative techniques to inspire students of all ages to think and learn. He was a humble man and touched many people's hearts in and out of the classroom, with his kindness, irreverence, humor, and love.

The Foundation, in keeping in line with the values of Zaka Khan, operates with the following principles and approach:

1. Modesty and humility
2. Cooperation and partnership
3. Joy and humor
4. Transparency and sincerity